Safety Means...

He can focus on planning his first trip to Mars.

Safety Means...

They can dream up a plan for their new business.

Safety Means...

More time to practice his drawing skills.

All City Management Services

All City Management Services is a family-established business that has been committed to the safety of children for over 38 years. ACMS has grown to have 311 programs across 22 states. ACMS is the largest private provider of school safety in the nation. We understand that children face an ever-increasing number of threats to their safety. We unfailingly provide a seamless transition from public to private status. At ACMS we are dedicated to “keeping children safe” by ensuring children are safe throughout their entire educational experience by providing School Crossing Guards and School Safety Services before, during, and after school hours. Our fully trained staff of professional School Crossing Guards and Campus Safety Aides are committed to the well-being of children and take pride in making a difference in their lives by enhancing safety for school communities across the country. We have recently extended our commitment to children’s safety by creating a non-profit division, ACMS Cares. ACMS Cares empowers children with safety education to ensure that they are equipped to make the best possible safety decisions when their safety is compromised.


School Crossing Guards Services

All City Management Services (ACMS) is the largest private provider of School Crossing Guard services in the nation. We are proud of our excellent reputation as the industry leader. Our experience and knowledge allow us to respond to unique challenges presented by each community we serve. We successfully deliver a professional service that supports the School Crossing Guards and manage the day-to-day operations of this important sector of public safety. Contracting with ACMS provides the benefit of complete end-to-end service. It also rewards clients with the opportunity to return staff members to their core competency duties. Our strategy allows the dedicated professionals at ACMS to be those responsible for enhancing the safety for children in your community.


Professionally Managed Staff

We handle all the logistics of managing the program, saving you time and energy.

Liability Risk Reduction

$10 million liability insurance protection guarantees peace of mind for employees, cities and schools.

Recruitment and Onboarding Solutions

Eliminates Scheduling and Payroll Responsibilities

ACMS Cares

ACMS Cares is the 501(c)(3) non-profit benevolent arm of All City Management Services. ACMS Cares was created as an extension of our commitment to the safety of all children. Our goal is to empower children to empower each other, their families, and their communities by providing safety education and practical safety preparedness tools.


Kids Safety Nation

Kids Safety Nation (KSN) was developed to uniquely educate and empower our children. We have created a rare educational opportunity for students to learn from and connect with various characters by way of our KSN Films, Safety Assemblies, and Safety Educational Material. Each of our characters represent a different safety issue that students may encounter, helping them to identify and respond to appropriate and inappropriate daily behaviors.



Kids Safety Dayz

ACMS Cares organizes fun-filled events within local communities to educate, inspire, and empower children. Kids Safety Dayz are geared towards bringing families, schools, local businesses, and law enforcement together to reinforce the importance of safety awareness. These high-energy events are an entertaining way to celebrate safety.

Kids Safety Club

Kids Safety Club is our way of equipping kids with best safety practices by way of our after-school program and online platform. Kids Safety Club was designed to enhance the safety education experience by participating in after school activities, and interacting in stimulating online games.

Contracting with ACMS is Simple and Seamless

We have over 38 years of experience privatizing safety services for schools nationwide.

Trusted by Hundreds of Cities and Schools